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Robotic Automation

Robotic process automation is revolutionizing the way we think and manage business processes, IT support processes, workflow processes, remote infrastructure, and back-office work. RPA provides dramatic improvements in accuracy and cycle time and increases productivity in processing transactions while eliminating tedious and repetitive tasks.
Gem Techsoft is a RPA solution provider that has established a Center of Excellence (CoE) with a dedicated team of architects, business analysts and RPA experts. We help clients to implement Robotics Process Automation solutions from start point to finish Line. Once RPA solutions are implemented, we provide ongoing support and maintenance support. We train business owners and customer service staff to help them become self-sufficient.
Our team helps clients define a RPA roadmap, create a structured approach, and select appropriate tools for creating Robotic Process Automation solutions. Once the initial phase is completed, we create a pilot, define an operating model, execute governance, form the right team and test the solution for the customer.

Here’s a six-step approach to implementing Robotics Process Automation:

1. Start with a proof -of -concept :

We select an activity, configure the automation and record on the screen the BOT that performs the activity. It helps us to evangelize the concept of business robotics among process owners and to share the RPA’S vision.

2. Identify the Evangelists on board:

We identify the first set of operational / business leaders and advocates of change. These individuals are then included in the Central Operations Committee .

3.Identification of Procedures :

Business leaders with limited RPA practical knowledge and heavy bias choose the wrong processes and waste a significant effort to automate the robotics process by forcing it into the process. We help customers choose the first set of processes that are critical, as the success of their implementation would be a precedent for the adoption of RPA in other processes in the organization.

4.Using RPA tools and quick win for delivery methodology :

We help you choose the right Robotics Process Automation tools based on the nature of your business. RPA implementations are faster and the chances of success increase if the configuration is divided into many small incremental configurations and the flexible methodology is followed. We configure the BOT for the “happy route” scenario (scenario without exceptions or variations), try it out and gradually add variations and handle exceptions with immediate testing at every step. Process team members sit next to the Robotics Process Automation team for frequent feedback and step-by-step configuration information.

5.Watch and reap benefits :

The Business Process Team takes on the benefits of tracking through the measurable framework based on BOT execution logs. Once the BOT execution process has stabilized and labor hours have been saved, the business team considers reorganizing / re-adjusting the human resources. A toolbar is published regularly to bring accountability and transparency to the success of the program.

6.Sustainability Plan :

Once the first set of implementations is alive and the methodologies are tested and finalized, we design an operational model, a complete toolbox in all implementation phases and define the governance and performance monitoring mechanism. A team of support mechanisms has been set up to provide ongoing support to existing automation and to reconfigure to adapt process / application change.

The Gem TechSoft Advantage :.

• Regulatory compliance with minimal IT development .
• RPA Center of Excellence (CoE) with guidelines for the evaluation, design development and development of robots .
• Customer consulting services decide the right tool and approach for the Robotics Process Automation journey .Ready-to-use repository of best practices, lessons learned, procedures and delivery toolkit and key factors for the success of RPA programs .

• Flexible commitment models for financial implementation .