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Software Migration

In this ever-evolving IT world, it is important for companies to keep up with the changing needs of the market. Because of this, businesses, large or small, must regularly upgrade or relocate their existing applications to better ones to meet the demands of the dynamic age. We at Gem Techsoft have the right know-how and infrastructure to help you with your immigration services.

We are a leading technology company focusing on redesign and immigration services. The basic relocation services we offer include homogeneous relocation (lower version to higher version), heterogeneous transition (technology from one technology to another) and database transition services. Our action-based approach, aided by the latest technological improvements, simplifies complex business problems not generally encountered in older systems. Therefore, the effective application relocation strategy and execution we implement plays a vital role in transforming your old information systems into dynamic business applications with rich features.

Immigration service’s aim to improve flexibility, reduce costs and increase overall efficiency of  business processes.

  • Code restructuring
  • Integration of corporate applications
  • Older systems and application redesign
  • Migration in the cloud
  • Go to platform as a service
  • Switch to software as a service
  • Jump platform
  • Data transfer and relocation
  • Re-architecture
  • Technology migration
  • User interface redesign

The applications created with Gem Techsoft enhance efficiency and collaboration for a more flexible, dynamic business. These are just a few examples of where we  catalyzed the functional transformation in recent client projects.

Supply Chain / Inventory:

Valence smart apps help pick up, record and locate goods as they move from manufacturer to warehouse for shelf storage or delivery.


Store floor staff use Valence applications to gain real-time visibility of work order schedules, inventory levels and production data.

Customer and supplier portals:

Valence applications promote self-service interaction with customers and suppliers through easy-to-use external gateways, reducing call and email volume.

Management control panels:

Using the low-cost Valence application builder tool, developers quickly create applications that provide administrators with real-time information about critical business metrics.

Custom Solutions:

Valence applications provide the flexibility to solve unique business problems that cannot be effectively addressed using off-the-shelf software.

Creating powerful applications:

  • Use the low-code application builder to create queries with graphs, lists, forms, maps, and other components based on ready-made widgets, without the need for programming.
  • Create dynamic toolbar applications with full color charts and graphs.
  • Allows users to navigate and filter results according to defined behaviors, update data as appropriate, and download data to Encoding.

Our services:


Digital marketing opens up a whole new set of challenges and an ocean of opportunities for marketing professionals.


In todays  competitive marketplace , the most important aspect of your business is your corporate identity . Our brand management services include a wide range of details that helps you to define your identity.


Content is – photos, words, audio and video – everything you create to tell the story of your product or company. Content writing requires in depth knowledge  of various industries, services, markets and great command on the language to play with the words. The success of any content that goes out depends largely on the quality and authenticity.


Video creation is an art and the only limitation is the creator’s imagination. There are different types of video that effectively convey different kinds of objectives. Gem Techsoft comes to your rescue in choosing the right kind of video that best suits your objective.


The events are an essential part of the networking and the meeting of potential customers and business can substantially  benefit from them. These events can be  on-site or off-site and online or offline, depending upon the requirement and purpose of the event. At Gem Techsoft ,we provide a wide range of event management services from high profile corporate events and fashion shows  jamboree for charity.We use the latest technologies to create dynamic plans and magazines luminary decor by following the best practices to ensure successful implementation of any type  of events.


The products are what connect you with your customers and we at Gem Techsoft, ensure that we offer nothing but the best, when it comes to the product development. The process of software product development can be quite challenging but out expert development team gestate and doth them seamlessly.


We believe that well-informed businesses are more successful. However, knowing what your business really needs when it comes to technology and software solutions can be entirely tricky. But we have got you covered on this ! At Gem Techsoft ,we provide end to end custom consulting services that will benefit your firm largely.


In this ever-evolving IT world, it is important for companies to keep up with the changing needs of the market.Owing to which, businesses, small or big, need to regularly upgrade or migrate their existing applications to better ones, to meet the requirements of the dynamic times. We at, Gem Techsoft  have the right expertise and infrastructure to help you with your migration services.


An unrelated scenario in the IT environment increases the interdependence of the information shared in industry.


Companies spend more money on maintaining and supporting applications than on developing them. Therefore, it is imperative that businesses of all sizes around the world find cost-effective solutions to manage and maintain their enterprise applications and products. With the growing concern of dealing with multiple landscape systems, keeping abreast of the latest practices, technologies, methodologies and tools is essential for growing an organization.


Mobile phones have taken over computers and other devices for almost everything. The applications that run on mobiles are pretty much the need of the day and are used a great deal for personalized user interactivity or crucial business processes.


In today’s ever-evolving digital age, the world is constantly flooded with millions of websites, webs and mobile applications. However, only a handful of them stand out and the one thing they all have in common is a well curated, aesthetically pleasing and appealing UI/UX. An interface is considered ideal if you can generate maximum efficient output with minimal input and we understand that.


There is so much data that throws us these days in all forms, that it becomes extremely difficult to export the pieces which are useful. Enterprises generally rely on rapid decision-making tools that tap data across business functions run by, legacy applications, enterprise applications, databases, mobility and cloud. These tend to anchor business strategies across varied customer engagement models and improve operational efficiency.


Quality assurance is an important part of any company, process or service . It is a process to ensure the product is ready for the approval. Whether you are building new products or upgrading an old one; enhancing an old process or establishing a new one, an effective quality assurance program will help you deliver cost-effective high standard applications and products.


Cloud Computing is the upcoming technology  and we all want to be a part of it.  As a business in today’s fast paced world, it is crucial that all your applications and products are easily accessible to all anywhere, anytime. Cloud services allows you to do exactly that while substantially reducing cost and increasing scalability, speed, accessibility and agility, without compromising the security.


In order for organizations to create a competitive advantage in today’s era, they must rationalize and reshape their processes over complex IT settings . The ever-expanding infrastructural elements along with increasing complexity and resource consumption have made it difficult for entrepreneurs to deal with complications. As a result, IT infrastructure management has become a major challenge for IT administrators and information officers around the world. For smooth operation, it is essential that the installation of the IT infrastructure is coordinated with the network architecture and end-to-end communication.


Operational efficiency is essential today in order to grow and maintain a business.The need of the moment is to integrate different departments, connect different functionality, automate workflows and remove redundant and manual processes. Business Process Automation, a contemporary methodology, meets the above objectives and can be a stand-alone initiative or part of a larger and meaningful business process management strategy.


In today’s competitive business environment, aligning business priorities and goals with IT technologies and infrastructure  has become the substantial challenge. Additionally, disparate technology segments compromise operational visibility, resulting in low resource utilization and higher business costs. Enterprises can address these complex IT landscape challenges by harnessing the power of seamless technology integration.


Businesses these days are looking for solutions that are more complete, transformative and progressive. Blockchain is changing the way the world works, creating sweeping changes in the industry that go beyond improving existing processes. Its power to transform business through distributed ledger technology provides unprecedented control and traceability of business processes, revolutionizing trust-based activities across departments. With the power to bring absolute transparency, accountability and efficiency to even the most complex processes, blockchain increases the resilience of transactional data across the organization.


The world has become wireless, why not implement it in your business ? The Internet of Things (IoT), a key derivative of the fourth industrial revolution (Industry 4.0), is blurring the boundaries between the physical, digital and biological spheres. It’s futuristic and it’s making the world smarter by changing the way we think, live and work. In addition, it is also creating unique opportunities for businesses and governments through connectivity, thereby increasing efficiency, productivity and improving decision making in real time.


Establishing program governance requires a significant investment of time, money and resources in project management. It is often difficult to quantify benefits and choose the right project governance framework that enables accountability and promotes consistency in decision-making. Our experienced project management professionals work with you to understand your project environment and specific business needs. We then design, build and manage appropriate projects and solutions .