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IOT Solutions

Gem Techsoft provides IoT design, consulting, development and integration solutions and services to a wide range of global product and OEM companies to help them innovate faster. Our future secure solutions include advanced controls, connectivity and digital transformation technologies that enable our customers to bring cutting edge products into a smart and connected world. A suite of prefabricated stacks of software and tools not only helps reduce marketing time, but also makes our solutions more affordable. Specialized knowledge of the field supported by consistent quality and a flexible delivery system.

IOT gateway development:

  • IOT Gateway development for a range of legacy products that support multiple protocols (MQTT, CoAP, WebSockets)
  • Security application
  • Remote firmware upgrade
  • Edge Analytics

Development of Management Applications:

  • Development of IOT applications such as management applications for remote monitoring and control
  • Develop usage cases and algorithms for the specific product to predict maintenance requirements or predict days to failure
  • Development of mobile applications
  • Develop and support APIs to enable third-party application integration
  • Development of cloud hosted on hybrid solution.


  • IOT Azure Stack
  • AWS IOT stack
  • Analytics framework
  • Native Android, iOS
  • Cordova platform cross, Xamarin

End-to-end support and product design for product development and testing:

  • Device engineering
  • IOT gateway development
  • IOT software development
  • IOT cloud platform development
  • IOT application development
  • API module for third-party integration
  • Managed IOT services

Cutting Edge Technology:

Uses a patented thermostat with smart distributor technology, an advanced LoRaWAN (LPWAN) network and an intuitive cloud-based interface to offer the most innovative IOT solutions for many families on the market.

Increased Property Value:

Making state-of-the-art technology accessible to every resident adds significant appeal to your property and instantly improves the value of your property.

Advanced security:

With regards to the IOT, property management should feel confident about providing a safe environment for their residents , uses advanced end-to-end encryption to ensure data integrity and peace of mind for all residents.

Simple Installation:

With a gate that controls all systems, thermostats and door locks can be easily installed by maintenance personnel without the need for specially trained technical support.

Total control:

The app was designed to provide a seamless, intuitive user experience, making it easy for any resident to control the thermostat, door locks and more – directly from their mobile device, takes a different approach to one of the most significant technologies of this century, making home automation accessible.