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Hadoop is one of the most sought after open source technologies that can process large-scale high-speed data.
The Apache Hadoop software library is a popular framework for deploying large data sets on different computers. It allows you to scale up to thousands of computers, with each machine offering computing power and storage. The library handles application-level failures instead of relying on other hardware. This ensures that you receive immediately available services from your computer cluster.
Uses open source software for big data usage. By using Apache Hadoop, you gain the following advantage:

 It can handle thousands of servers seamlessly.
Improved usage: Companies now process more data than ever before. All types of companies, including the internet, public companies and startups, use Hadoop to their advantage.
We offer a range of data analytics with Hadoop solutions based on our clients’ unique requirements.:

  • Business Intelligence
  • Business Analytics
  • Data Mining application
  • Escalation solutions
  • Prognostic Analysis

We have a large team of specialists who are capable of meeting the needs of specialists. Our data architects are the best and offer flexible, scalable and optimized solutions for companies.


Hadoop Architecture Design:

We will help you from the beginning and design an architectural plan that meets the requirements of your business. Our research based on your current and future data traffic will make the process efficient and fruitful.

Hadoop application:

Starting from the structure and size of the Hadoop cluster to deployment, the service will cover end-to-end implementation processes. Our Hadoop experts will ensure that you get the most out of it, whether the development is on-premises or in the cloud.
Hadoop integration:

Whether you consider Hadoop as a service for storing data and creating analytics or integrating them with Apache Cassandra, our experienced team will provide a top-of-the-art integration service for your convenience.
Hadoop support:

 We will not leave you alone at any stage, even after integrating Apache Hadoop into your business. The security of your data will remain our first priority with backup, setup and playback .