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Developments in digital technologies, from advancement in data, robotics and artificial intelligence.

The single-minded purpose of using technology to equip and enable businesses build efficiency, negate global distances


Our logic is driven by our estimations of affirmation, unwavering quality and hunger. Hunger, in every one of us remedies the route in which we mien ourselves – with quality, with assurance and with an inspiration. Assurance to administration, quality and conveyance is the thing that drives our regular operations


We don’t just launch your project and leave you to fend for yourself. We provides ongoing support to determine strengths, analyze weaknesses and strategize for improvements. We understand it is a process, not a project, and we are constantly expanding our team of specialists.

Our Expertise

We invite you to peruse our portfolio and get acquainted with some of our projects.We understand that software must work every bit as good as it looks. With excellence in mind, Deccan Infosystems has been recognized time and time again for our custom designs and clean development. Don’t just take our word for it.


We provide
creative solutions for all your needs!

We understand that software must work every bit as good as it looks. With excellence in mind, Gem Techsaoft has been recognized time and time again for our custom designs and clean development. Don’t just take our word for it. We invite you to peruse our portfolio and get acquainted with some of our projects.


We provide creative solutions!

We provide ongoing support to determine strengths, analyze weaknesses and strategize for improvements. We understand it is a process, not a project, and we are constantly expanding our team of specialists.

IT Straregy

We Gemtechsoft offer a unique blend of data, technology, and human expertise to help organizations develop a roadmap for continued success in a volatile world. With our experience in more than 80 countries and across all major industries, we’re uniquely positioned to help you meet your challenges head-on.
we can help with any size undertaking from start to finish. We bring our agility and flexibility to every project so that our clients have easy access to us at any time.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is no longer a catchword in technology. It has become a important powerful tool that helps business and technical organizations achieve their challenges.
With years of experience in AI software development services, GemTechSoft offers solutions based on machine learning, big data analysis, robotics automation, and more.
Gemtechsoft provide 24/7 customer support, take advantage of new development opportunities and reduce risks with artificial intelligence software development services.

Business Intellegence

Digital transformation is coming – now is the time to be ahead of the curve. Whether you’re a small business or a large corporation, we know that your success is inextricably tied to how effectively you use data. When you partner with Gem Tech soft , we help you transform your data into actionable insights and concrete results.
Whether you’re looking for new ways to grow your company, learn new skills, or just want to know more about what’s happening, we can help! Talk to us now to get started on your journey towards becoming a digital leader.

Web Design & Development

Client Coherence.
Congruity with partners.
Craft ship of representatives.
Gem Techsoft vision is keep on struggling to wind up noticeably an essential arrangement based organization with a vigorous accentuation on demographic relationship, sanity with accomplices/partners and building up worker’s inventiveness .

App Design & Development

We never stop innovating and developing specialized software with industry data and years of experience in the real world. Our expertise is even in custom software development has been recognized by customers around the world. We have been designing custom solutions for various IT companies, e-commerce companies, logistics companies, educational institutions and healthcare organizations for the last decade. We are even offering custom software development for IoT, augmented reality and virtual reality .



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Software Development

The leading IT outsourcing companies offering full cycle software development services.
You need to ensure that you can adapt to the changes in today’s environment at a fast pace. We help businesses reduce software development costs and accelerate the release of new software solutions.

We offer custom software development and IT outsourcing services on various platforms, such as .NET, Java, PHP, JavaScript, C / C ++ and others. our Clients can confidently & comfortably embrace and Enright the future with the right partner and the right technologies.

Devops Solutions

Businesses need to stay on top of their competitors to ensure customer satisfaction and success. And at the end of the day, every business represents the satisfaction of its customers. Both smartphones and easy access to mobile data have literally revolutionized a revolution that can never be ignored. At a high level, even the smallest of all errors can cost a company huge losses. These errors are unpredictable and unpredictable.
However, various methodologies are adopted to solve these problems in the shortest possible time. This process where developers and operating systems integrate and work to minimize the chances of errors to deliver a seamless user experience is called DevOps.


We help create, customize and manage your approved directory to help your organization easily find and acquire products and services. We can integrate your existing directories, deals and platforms to support a centralized or distributed shopping structure.
Navigating the growing number of software options is a challenge. There is pressure to make quick purchase decisions and support seamless integration while managing a growing portfolio of software vendors. However, an inefficient approach and a wrong choice can dramatically burden your IT budget.
Achieve more in less time and simplify your supply chain


Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

“It was great and handled very fast. They worked around my conference call and fixed the issue right away,
Your engineer makes things easy for us. They have been a professional and committed partner who have taken responsibility for the partnership, We know things are going to get fixed in a timely matter.”

Madison Emily

Procurement Services Company in San Salvador

We thank Gem Techsoft for the wonderful job in helping us develop our program. Everyone was professional, excellent and hard working. Thanks to them, we were able to achieve our goal on time, and we look forward to continue working with them in the future.

Wyatt Aiden

Leading System Integrator, EMEA Region

Gem Techsoft expertise and professionalism were evident throughout the development cycle, and we were very pleased with the final product. We have already completed our projects with Gem Techsoft and vast domain knowledge and their IT expertise is reliable and trustworthy.

Nicholas James

Software Services Company headquartered in Scotland


Our Team

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Chiranjeevi . R

Asure Master in Managing technology

The “beacon” of Gem Techsoft Mr.Chiranjeevi has experienced all parts of the digital product lifecycle—designing and leading overall creative direction from inception, driving the cycle ,He’s big on user advocacy and empathetic, humanistic design—and likes to really work at ideas until the “a-ha moment”. he goes deep—be it design, or plenty of other things

Sandeep Naidu

Devops Application Master in Managing End- End Projects

The “sleuth” of Gem Techsoft Mr.Sandeep is intrigued by emerging technologies/tools and finding practical applications for them . Often described as very “Zen,” he has a passion for strategizing and creating visuals that capture the unexpected and shine clarity on the muddled.

Rajesh Paul. N

Project manager in Artificial Intilegence , Meachine Learning

The “mayor” of Gem Techsoft , Mr.Rajesh is likely to be the first person with which you have a passionate discussion about the possibilities of our work – no topic being off-limits on that road to better experience. A seasoned design executive and practitioner, he ensures needs are met and exceeded.

Mujahid Khan

Project Planning Expertile since 2005

The “daredevil” ofGem Techsoft Mr.Khan extensive project management experience includes a wide variety of project types across multiple verticals for many household names. With a background in business analysis he’s extremely well rounded and known for her direct, driven, and results-oriented approach.


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With the Internet spreading linke wildfire and reaching every part of our daily life, Our team of IT support experts allow for organizational growth, removing roadblocks from technology complexities and staff inefficiencies. hi

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