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Gem techsoft can handle end-to-end sourcing of your software – simplifying management, reducing costs and aligning your software strategy with your business goals.
Support at every stage life cycle of your software:
Navigating the growing number of software options is a challenge. There is pressure to make quick purchase decisions and support seamless integration while managing a growing portfolio of software vendors. However, an inefficient approach and a wrong choice can dramatically burden your IT budget.
Achieve more in less time and simplify your supply chain – especially the long line of sellers. Our IT procurement services are integrated with your existing processes. We will enhance your capabilities with on-demand access to data analysis, expert advice and recommendations.
• Simplified supply chain
• Reduced burden on internal resources
• Lower cost
• Increased delivery speed

Effective governance throughout your shopping life cycle
We help create, customize and manage your approved directory to help your organization easily find and acquire products and services. We can integrate your existing directories, deals and platforms to support a centralized or distributed shopping structure.
Your list of managed products will include:

  • Approved vendors, software applications and user profiles
  • Software title, ordering process and knowledge base of interested parties
  • The latest details on product features and specifications
  • Customized workflows for procurement activities

We will provide:
• Manage bid requests through your account and other channels
• Preventive assistance to expedite internal approval steps
• New licensing alignment with existing purchasing models
• Exclusive service for managing complex or customized requirements

Software Implementation:
Optimize procurement and development processes with project management, delivery,  documentation and after-sales support. You will be able to send requests and track progress through our online tool at any stage to ensure successful integration
To ensure the smooth supply of software, our experts:
• Monitor new markets and upcoming updates to determine effectiveness
• Work with the IT strategy to determine future requirements
• Help’s to create contracts that provide the best value
• Creation of reports of stakeholders with comments and recommendations